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Get /search

Provides the entire list of  search

Returns the entire list of  searchs. A deal can have 1 or more revenue buckets depending on the business model. Each revenue bucket has its own behaviour in terms of average selling price, length, renewal probability, recognition policy (percentage paid at the start, monthy and end). A bucket can be a product line, a service, a license, etc.

All associated configuration is intended for the Revenue Planer capacity for the future.

Request URL


Response Type

Response content type: JSON array[  searchs ]

ModelExample of Response

Search {

batch_end(int): Amount of total records??? ,

batch_size(int): Amount of records per batch,

batch_start(int): Amount of records in the current view,

page(int): page number,

previous_page(int): previous page index

results(Array[Results]): List of results after applying the search criteria from the terms parameter



id (string): unique identifier for this search result,

permissions: ???

short_id (string): Alias which can be used as a unique identifier for the Search Result

thumbnail(stringl: complete path to the image which is used as a thumbnail for this Search Result

title(string): Main name of this Search Result (deal, organization or individual)

title_highlight(string): text from the content of the Search Result including the Search string highlighted (surrounded by <em> html tags)

type: the type of data of a Search Result is one of the following:





  batch_end: "4"
  batch_size: "4"
  batch_start: "0"
  page: "1"
  previous_page: "0"
  results: [
    0: {
      id: "8d7d94f472"
      permissions: [
        0: "salesseek.core.edit"
        1: "salesseek.core.all_permissions"
        2: "salesseek.core.view"
      short_id: "8d7d94f472"
      thumbnail: ""
      title: "Sophie Doran"
      title_highlight: "Sop<em>hi</em>e Doran"
      type: "salesseek.contacts.models.individual.Individual"
    1: {
      id: "edd40ff1"
      permissions: [
        0: "salesseek.core.edit"
        1: "salesseek.core.all_permissions"
        2: "salesseek.core.view"
      short_id: "edd40ff1"
      thumbnail: ""
      title: "Atila Tech"
      title_highlight: "Atila Tech<br>T<em>hi</em>s c..."
      type: "salesseek.contacts.models.organization.Organization"
    2: {
      id: "2dfef256481"
      permissions: [
        0: "salesseek.core.edit"
        1: "salesseek.core.all_permissions"
        2: "salesseek.core.view"
      short_id: "2dfef256481"
      thumbnail: ""
      title: "Initial Deal Dexter"
      title_highlight: "2dfef256481<br>T<em>hi</em>s what..."
      type: "salesseek.opportunities.models.opportunity.Opportunity"



ParameterIn / OutRequiredDescriptionParameter TypeData Type

Amount of records returned in this search

batch_startOut-The index of the first row on the response (in case there are more results, paginated)int
batch_endOut-Total amount of records (even if are not in this search result)int
rowsInNThe maximum amount of element to be requestedint
startInNThe element number to start to retrieve the data (0 for the first position)int
termsInYThe string to use as the search criteriaint
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